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Professional engraving machine to personalize with plates, trophies, jewelry, bottles, goblets, gadgets.


Engravings of madaglie, plates and trophies


From cutting to production with slab cutting.


Customize everything


From the nameplate to the mark on complex surfaces

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The U-MARQ Universal-350 engraving machine is the winning choice to customize any type of object by affecting large and small objects and with the most unusual shapes thanks to the 4th incline rotating axis and the range of accessories to secure the supplied part. The machine, designed and built with the utmost attention to detail, is easy to use and allows you to manually manage, with speed and precision, engraving of individual objects or small productions. The eye-catching aesthetics and the extremely silent chuck make this machine ideal for use in a shop. Universal-350 can engrave plastic, aluminum, brass, pond, gold, silver, glass and can also engrave stainless steel with a diamond. Thanks to the ability to work objects up to 265mm in diameter, this machine allows to engage large cups, glass, pewter mugs and trophies as well as small rings and bracelets. The available plan allows you to engage a matrix of small plates or a single large plate with ease. With the ability to engrave with high precision and efficiency in a variety of materials, the possibilities and uses of Universal-350 are virtually infinite. The included Universal Software is easy to use and features extremely powerful to make the job easy and fast.

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