DP 50

Professional Swarf Extractor
€900,00 (VAT and shipping cost excluded)
Swarf Extractor DP 50 was developed for removing chips and small particles during milling, mechanical engraving, grinding and turning operations.
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Tablet M-Touch

Tablet for engraving machine

The optional M-Touch tablet allows you the S series engraving machines even more easily thanks to an intuitive guided menu.

The M-Touch tablet drives the S series engraving machines via Bluetooth, wireless, and therefore offers you the space of your computer and you can move more freely and provide to the customer a unique experience. Thanks to the tablet, for example, you engrave directly with the machine what your client wrote with your finger or pen.

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Circular saw for cutting laminates
€ 1.995,00 (VAT and shipping cost excluded)
Varga VA10 is a professional circular saw to cut the laminates material, aluminium and brass.

2001EVO Shear

Professional cutter for engravers
€ 539,00 (VAT and shipping cost excluded)
The Accucutter® 2001EVO Shear cutter is a professional shears for cutting aluminum and brass prizing material and flexible plastic.