Portable dot peen marking machines PIK-70

New battery dot peen marking machine , the ideal solution for industrial marking where it is necessary to engrave on site.

Designed for small and medium series, this portable dot peen marking machine is totally autonomous and can be used even without a computer. It adopts the so-called micro-percussion technology that guarantees an individual and indelible marking of each of your pieces, in any context of use and on many types of materials, from the most resistant metals and alloys, such as stainless steel, to plastics ( ABS, PVC, Polycarbonate, ...) to hardwood, cardboard, ...

  •  Portable dot peen marking machines
  •  Portable dot peen marking machines
Stand for marking machine

Bench work

Portable dot peen marking machine PIK-70

PIK-70 is a practical and versatile marking machine capable of satisfying the needs of industrial marking in all cases where it is not possible, or not convenient, to position the object to be marked.

PIK-70 is a light and handy battery operated dot peen engraving machine that you can take anywhere. Thanks to the 18V lithium-ion battery you don't even have to connect to the mains or compressed air, as happens with traditional dot peen markers, as it is equipped with a powerful electromagnetic punch that engraves acronyms, dates and qr codes with industrial quality . and on a marking area of ​​74x30mm.

PIK-70 is freedom to mark anywhere

The control electronics are totally integrated inside, as is the LCD interface to manage it in perfect autonomy without the need to connect a PC or external keyboards.

The ergonomic handle allows for easy grip and the necessary safety and stability while the machine engraves. The practical standby and therefore energy saving function prevents the possibility of discharging the battery by distraction. In any case, a second battery is supplied with the machine so that you never stand still, no matter what happens.

As options, you can opt for the practical column stand for bench use of the marker. Thanks to this option it is possible to mark plates and components precisely, the lever supplied with the column allows you to lower the pin always in the same way to obtain repetitive markings on a series of products.

The supplied PC software allows you to engrave with any Windows font and engrave symbols, logos, data matrix and directly engrave variable data from Excel.

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PIK-70 portable dot peen marking machine

Workspace 70 x 30 mm.
Z axis n.d.
Weight 4.3 Kg (including battery)
Footprint 347x362x166 mm
Spindle Electric dot peen
Power 18 volts DC LI-ION
Autonomy 115 min continuously
Link Standard USB and USB-A (Flash Drive)
Bluetooth No
Usable materials Engrave any metal, hard plastics and hard wood
Detection of surface to be engraved Automatic
Marking area to be engraved Preview with lifting tool
Warranty 12 months

PIK-70 portable dot peen marking machine

  • charger
  • USB cable
  • 2 LI-ION 18V batteries
  • carrying case
  • Software CD
  • user manual