DM400d 3D printer for production.

DM400d is the largest DLP in the world with bottom-up projection, it has a work area of ​​400x400 mm with XY resolution of 100 microns.

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3D Printer DM400d

The CARIMA DM400d 3D printer is the largest 3D printer in the world with DLP projection technology under the tray. This 3D printer therefore has the advantage of having a tank that requires little material for its easy replacement to launch productions in different materials. The very high definition of printing is achieved thanks to a dual LED DLP 4K projector that polymerizes the resin using the selective light Voxels it emits.

Thanks to DLP technology, the DM400d 3D printer creates layers in 3D, using Voxels , and for this reason the result has smooth, non-scaled surfaces, "steps", as is the case with high types of 3D printers.

Furthermore, DLP technology allows the creation of layers in fixed times, regardless of the number of models and their geometric complexity, allowing much faster production than other 3D printing technologies.

DM400d is therefore very fast and can for example print 57 dental arches in 100 minutes where a normal stereolithographic 3d printer would take at least 8 hours.

The high-precision ecd high productivity 3D printer DM400d works with STL files (and also OBJ, 3DS, AMF) produced by 3D CAD system or created with 3D scanning systems.

With this 3D printer you can make real digital productions of objects all the same or with variants, you can produce small and large objects up to 400x400x400 mm.

The DM400 3D printer is perfect for high definition digital production.

The numerous 3D printing materials available give the possibility to use the DM400d 3D printer in a wide variety of applications.

The available resins make it a super-efficient 3D printer for the intensive digital production of objects that require perfect surfaces and high precision.

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3D DM400d DLP Dual 4K printer

Working Volume 400 x 400 x 400 mm
XY pixel size 100 µm
Layer in Z 25, 50, 100 µm
Light source 405nm (365, 385) UV LED
Resolution Dual 4K Ultra HD
Materials Various types of Carima resin
File Input stl, obj, 3ds, amf
Software Carima Slicer V2 / Materialize Magics
Network connection Ethernet
Size 1010 x 986 x 1880 mm
weight 150 kg
Power AC 100 ~ 240V 4A