3D EM printer

The EM 3D printer produces precisely and in high resolution, is fast and suitable for many uses. Perfect for a designer for a designer and also for educational use.

  • EM 3D Printer with DLP technology
  • EM 3D Printer with DLP technology

EM 3D printer with DLP technology.

The EM 3D printer is fast and high definition , perfect for the designer, for the designer and for the school.

EM is the DLP 3D printer you were waiting for

The EM 3D printer can be positioned comfortably on the desk, has a touch screen display and an internal computer that allow it to work in perfect autonomy without the need to be connected to a computer.

EM has automatic material recognition

The resin to produce 3D models is contained in a tray supplied. The tray containing the resin is easily interchangeable in order to use different materials with the same 3D printer.

Non-toxic biocompatible material

The supplied software is carima Slicer V2 a cutting-edge solution that allows you to import 3D files, position them and design supports and much more to get the best results you can imagine.

With an additional cost the 3D printer can be supplied complete with UV polymerizer for the post-treatment of the 3D models produced.


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EM 3D printer

Working Volume X / Y / Z 128 x 80 x 170 mm
X / Y pixel size 100 µm
Layer in Z 25, 50,100 µm
Light source 405 nm UV LED
Materials Resin for beige modeling and biocompatible resin
File Input stl, obj, 3ds, amf
Software Carima Slicer V2
Network connection Ethernet
Size 40 x 34 x 65 cm
weight 20 kg
Power AC 100 ~ 240V 5A - 40 W