Professional 3D printer for dental applications.

  • Professional 3D printer for dental
  • Carima DS131
  • Carima DS131
  • Stampante 3D per il dentale
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Dental models printed in 3D
Accurate dental models

High-definition 3D models

Resolution. Accuracy. Precision. Reliability.

The CARIMA IMD dental 3D printer is ideal for dental applications as it allows you to produce models designed with any 3D CAD system quickly, accurately and economically. The IMD 3D dental printer produces precise, full-arch 3D models that are now increasingly in demand thanks to the digital impression. The same machine is able to produce 3D wax models for casting and, with the appropriate material, can realize temporary teeth and many other applications in a few minutes thanks to the continuous evolution of resins and digital technology. The CARIMA IMD 3D printer is the perfect solution to quickly and accurately create model sequences that an orthodontic laboratory needs.


It produces the 3D models that you have designed with incredible details thanks to a DLP® system, selective light projection, high performance with 50 micron resolution in X-Y and with user-adjustable layer thickness.


Constructs 3D models with accuracy due to finely calibrated precision optics.


Designed to minimize stress on the product, the IMD dental 3D printer faithfully reproduces every detail of your model.


The high quality of CARIMA IMD components guarantees reliability and durability over time. The LED light source offers a duration of well 20,000 hours and is easily replaceable without the need for a technical intervention by a specialist!


CARIMA DS131 procuce with high precision, is fast, has no restrictions on the use of materials and allows you to work with very low running costs!

Technical Features
Work Volume X /Y /Z 125 x 70 x 130 mm
X /Y pixel size 65 μm
Layer in Z 25, 50, 75, 100 μm
Light source 405nm UV LED
Resolution FHD 1920 x 1080
Materials Various types of resin and open to any brand of material
File Input stl, obj, 3ds, amf
Software Carima Slicer
Network connection Ethernet
Size 31 x 32 x 65 cm
weight 28 kg
Power AC 100 ~ 240V 5A

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CARIMA IMD is the 3D dental printer that repays itself in really short times.

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