3D printing for Dental

Digital dentistry is already a reality for a growing number of laboratories.

Are you planning to equip your studio with a professional 3D printer and an intraoral scanner?

Turning to the digital world you can speed up the production of the models and improve in quality and precision, so you will work with a faster intervention and a substantial cost reduction increasing your margins.

3D printing applications for digital dentistry.
3D dental printer

3D dental printer

3D dental printer
3D dental printer

The 3D printing technology is fundamental for digital dentistry.

3D printing for dental allows the laboratory to produce bridges, crowns, arch models, surgical guides, temporary, skeletal and orthodontic appliances in series.

Thanks to 3D scanning , now in the increasingly widespread intraoral version, and thanks to CAD design combined with 3D printing technology, dental laboratories finally have the tools to produce quickly and accurately impossible to reach with traditional systems.

All dental laboratories, regardless of their size, can take advantage of PCube 3D printers to work on top of every application. The 3D printer accurately carries out an otherwise expensive job and allows you to eliminate the anachronistic and long waiting times caused by manual modeling. With the help of a professional 3D printer the studio can finally produce more efficiently and free up human resources to be committed to the growth of the business.

CAD design allows you to create digital models of surgical templates, bridges and crowns, skeletons and much more that the 3D printer will then produce in the most suitable material and with incomparable precision.

The IMD 3D printer is compact, has a very high precision and allows you to quickly switch from one application to another by easily replacing the construction material .

The TM200 3D printer is very productive and is the ideal solution for producing orthodontics, skeletal or surgical guides, in the higher definition version TM4K this 3D printer becomes perfect for all dental applications.

For large productions, the ideal choice is the 3D printer DM400d which allows you to create as many as 57 complete arches every 100 minutes.

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