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3D printer and CAD software to create jewelry

Jewelry digital production

The digital technologies , CAD / CAM and Rapid Prototyping , have been at the center of all the industrial production processes in the world for several years and in recent years they have become strategic also in the jewelery sector. The increasingly rapid changes in fashion and consumer habits, the expansion of markets and the simultaneous growth of new distribution systems and new commercial centers have brought about rapid changes in the jewelery sector. Many jewelery producers have had to get back into the game and the shops have "suffered" the greatest consumer demands and online competition. As with all changes, new opportunities have also arisen, and in this technology has been the winning key for many companies, small laboratories, designers as well as physical and online stores in this sector.

Our 3D technologies dedicated to jewelery are used at 360 °. From factories to laboratories to shops

PCube provides 3 types of 3D technologies for jewelery, CAD / CAM software for design and planning, high definition 3D printers for creating 3D models and CNC machines for producing and customizing jewelery with an incision.

CAD / CAM software

Working with CAD / CAM software allows you to create jewels or show them in preview without having them produced. Thanks to digital it is easy then to produce the jewel when it is needed, without waste.
The CAD (Computer Aided Design) software allows you to design, or rather design, the jewel thanks to the computer. Jewelry CAD Dream is a CAD software dedicated to jewelry based on a new generation technology that allows you to work much faster than the software on the market. Thanks to design functions to design jewelry (ring, pavé, daylight, size, ..) and to a parametric library of components (rings, stones, settings, ...), this completely parametric software allows you to design jewelry collections with speed and therefore reduced costs allowing to work with marginality and to overcome the competition. Jewelry CAD Dream exports quality geometries to make jewelry with a 3D printer or a CNC machine.

Stampanti 3D

Our high-definition 3D printers produce 3D models of Jewels to be used directly in microfusion.

Printing in 3D a model of a jewel in resin for casting, or in a material to make rubber molds, is now the only way for those who make jewelry. All the many successful Italian companies that have a professional 3D printer know this well and thanks to this they produce and sell with marginality. The advantages of using a professional 3D printer in jewelry are:

  • The ability to produce complex objects not achievable with traditional methods
  • The possibility of obtaining thin thicknesses with a containment of the weights
  • Repeatability in large productions that has the advantage of constant weight in wax or resin
  • The freedom to save on the costs of the silicone mold
  • The possibility of producing small series, even one or a few pieces, saving time
  • Time saving in the next manufacture on pieces made up of empty parts, traditionally to be assembled

Which 3D printer for jewelry to use? If you do not have the budget for a quality 3D printer do not buy a hobbyist 3D printer, it will not do you any good. Have you ever wondered why you never heard of someone who has been successful with a cheap 3D printer?

Only a professional 3D printer will allow you to excel in the jewelry industry

The IM-96 3D printer is the most versatile of our range and is suitable for small jewelry workshops, designers and large companies thanks to its extraordinary quality. great reliability and low running costs.

PCube's range of 3D printers allows for a quality work surface that is more suitable for every need. The available materials guarantee to achieve the necessary results. The meltable resins allow you to create geometries unimaginable with other technologies and obtain the best results in investment casting. The resins for making master molds for silicone rubber molds are adapted to the production process and to the specific silicones used by the customer.

All our 3D printers are based on the ultra-high-definition light curing of a liquid resin contained in a tank. The resin is sensitive to the selective light emitted by the DLP source and the mechanics, the precision handling and the software algorithms allow, in a transparent way for the user, to obtain the results of a quality that makes the difference.

CNC mini-centers

Our small CNC machines are a versatile solution for making jewelry prototypes in wax or resin and for directly cutting precious metal from sheet. They are small milling machines that remove material thanks to a rotating spindle with the possibility of using very small tools to obtain even the smallest details. They are all very compact, silent and high precision machines. How do they work? From a 2D drawing the machine is able to dig or cut the material into shapes or make holes. From a 3D drawing, also in STL format, the machine allows to obtain the 3D model by removing the material instead of adding it as the 3D printers do.

Engraving machines

engraving machines are increasingly successful, allowing you to easily customize a jewel with a dedication, with a logo or even engraving a photograph. The most popular machine is GEM-RX5 as it is compact and versatile allowing you to engrave any jewelry, including the inside and outside of the wedding rings.

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