KeyShot 10

KeyShot 10

KeyShot 10, the new version is available!

For 10 years now, KeyShot has stood for excellence in creating lifelike 3D images, providing the tools to easily create photographic images and animations and see the results in real time.

KeyShot 10 represents continuity to help you create even better images in the decade to come.

KeyShot 10 gives you the ability to work on new levels, with many more ways to bring your ideas to life, experiment with variations of your creations, and enhance your workflow to deliver ever more engaging images.

Here are some of the main new features of KeyShot 10:

Keyframe animation

The new keyframe animation mode gives you a new level of control over the animation timeline. You'll have the ability to add and adjust keyframes exactly where you need them or record keyframe sequences to quickly create otherwise complex animations.

Animation throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset.

This new animation mode in KeyShot 10 puts the light of day in your hands. You can directly adjust the date, start and end time or apply keyframes for finer control, animating daylight for your scene has never been easier.

Environment rotation animation

The world will revolve around your product and you will have complete control over the rotation speed. Whether it's one of KeyShot's many environments or your own custom HDRI, add a new environment rotation animation to control how the ambient light moves across your product.

Twist Camera Animation

If your product animation needs a bit of emphasis, with KeyShot 10 you can adjust your camera's Twist parameter for a refined or stronger effect to your liking, with angle control and of time.


Live your creations.

You now have more ways to experiment with your images with the new Smart Export that uses KeyShot's UV Unwrapping and Baking capabilities to prepare assets for AR, Web and Color 3D printing workflows.

Creative ability

The right tool, for the right job. With KeyShot 10 and you'll find new and improved tools to manage lighting and change ideas faster than ever.

Move Tool

You like to move it, use the new Move tool, it's amazing how improving such a simple tool can be so useful. The KeyShot Move tool has been completely redesigned to improve accessibility and allow you to position and dock it in the live view or beyond.

Solo mode

Now you can select and activate Solo mode to isolate and work on one or more parts without the need to lock parts or break the hierarchy of other hidden parts.


KeyShot 10

If you are interested in purchasing a KeyShot 10 license you can purchase it directly on, if you want to upgrade your old KeyShot contact us.