We are looking for companies and people interested in collaborating with us from a business point of view to become PCube Lead Provider Partner .

The Lead Provider Partner will have to actively promote PCube products and send to PCube, through a specific form, the name of a potential Customer interested in the purchase. PCube will take care of all the aspects related to the sale, from the first contact with the customer to the demonstration until the commercial negotiation and will recognize to the Partner a commission for each report made successful with the sale of the Product.

The Lead Provider Partner shall promote one or more PCube products through its website or with events (fairs, seminars, workshops, webinars, ..) or through marketing campaigns or direct visits to potential customers . The Partner shall not clearly promote any competing product to PCube products .

By becoming PCube Lead Provider Partner you will have the opportunity to present your customers with marvelous, technologically advanced products and an unsurpassed price-quality ratio. You will not need all the skills to do demonstrations or to conduct a commercial negotiation as we will take care of this. You will benefit from the information we will give you and the fact that you will be able to count on a series of satisfied customers for the products that will ultimately be able to have also thanks to you. By becoming a Partner of PCube you can retain your customers and grow with them thanks to our innovative digital technologies.

We remind you which are the main products you can collaborate with:


Do you need more information?

We will respond quickly after evaluating your application and, in case of a positive response, you can already start the collaboration and collect the first commissions.

We will then have a contract to be signed within 3 months of the start of the collaboration.

If you wish to collaborate with us from the commercial point of view, do not hesitate to send us a request with your data and the reasons that encourage you to apply to become a PCube Partner.