Training courses on CAD / CAM systems and 3D printers.

ArtCAM software training course

PCube organizes professional training courses for new and experienced users with the aim of increasing productivity in the shortest possible time. The PCube training courses are modular to adapt to the needs of the customer with training targeted by expert engineers.

The road to success goes through training

As design software shapes ideas, so PCube shapes the knowledge so that the Customer can effectively use the design, prototyping and production solutions purchased.

Training Courses

Training courses can be collective or customized for a single client and are organized:

  • At the Customer's site
  • At a PCube classroom
  • Remote via the web

The collective course is certainly more interesting to learn how to use the product in all its features.
The custom course allows you to reach targeted targets faster and has a higher cost.
In the PCube classroom there are the environmental conditions to be able to carry out a course with greater effectiveness than a course carried out at the customer. PCube's training courses allow you to get a quick return on your investment thanks to higher productivity, better quality and faster deliveries without wasting time learning how to use the product yourself. Once the basic training phase has been completed, PCube will support the client remotely or on site and will suggest a subsequent training activity to allow him to continue improving.

Type of course Hours
Course via Web 1
Collective Course Depends on the Course
Individual course in PCube 6
Individual course at the Customer site 3 + 3

In the last 12 months we have held training courses on the following topics:


  • Course on Printers 3D CARIMA
  • Courses on 3D printers EnvisionTEC and EMBER



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