Laser L100 for marking

Fiber laser system for high speed and precision marking

  • L100 marking laser
  • L100 is a laser for marking steel
  • L100 marking laser : example pet tag engraving
  • L100 is a laser for marking steel
  • L100 is a laser for marking steel
Cutting names
Cutting functionality

Cutting functionality

The L100 fiber marking laser is equipped with a scanning head that drives a pulsed light source and is able to perform high speed and precision marking on various types of materials.

This extraordinary laser for engraving lends itself to a wide range of applications in the automotive, electronics, mechanical, biomedical and jewelery sectors and in general in all sectors where speed and precision are needed.

The L100 laser is a high-end marking solution able to satisfy the most demanding customer.

Main features:

  • Compact size system
  • Extremely accurate engraving
  • Automatic mobile protection coverage
  • Managing progressive incisions
  • QR code engraving system
  • User safety protection
  • Rotary axis for 360 ° marking
  • Various engraving effects
  • Specialized software
  • 115 mm Z-axis travel
  • Control of switching on and off of connected external devices, such as the dust extractor
  • Deep marking and cutting

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