Laser L180 for marking and cutting

The new laser for marking and cutting L180 uses a very high quality CO 2 source that allows you to engrave geometries and text with sharp edges at high speed.

The L180 laser engraver is compact and easy to use, it engraves and marks on a wide range of materials and allows you to achieve extraordinary results with one click.

  • L180 laser for marking and cutting
  • L180 laser for marking and cutting
  • L180 laser for marking and cutting
  • Laser cutting of gaskets
  • Laser to create objects for interior
  • Laser to create wooden bijoux
Wood earrings
Fashion accessories

Wooden costume jewelery

Interior decoration cutting
Artifacts with artistic forms

Interior decorations

Laser for marking and cutting L180

Whether you are launching a new customization business, you want to add value to existing products, or you are a manufacturer looking for more efficiency by taking on the production phase yourself, the new L180 laser engraver has that that you need thanks to its variety of applications.

A laser for working with many materials

With the L180 marking and cutting laser you can mark your products with photos, artistic images or text on existing products or you can cut shapes or make deep engravings. The L180 laser is compatible with many materials such as plastic, wood, leather, paper, cork and much more.

The L180 laser for marking and cutting is perfect for a gadget and gift shop to give added value to products, also ideal for a maker who wants to produce a line of objects with quality.

Designed for your safety

The L180 marking and cutting laser complies with the international standard “IEC60825-1” with Class 1 for laser devices. Its closed design does not allow the laser light to escape. If the lid is lifted during processing, the safety mechanism automatically stops activating the laser. LED lights illuminate the work area, allowing you to check if processing is done correctly and safely.

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Laser engraver for marking and cutting L180

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Workspace 458 x 305 mm.
Volume in Z 170 mm.
Weight 75 Kg
Size 740x780x410 mm
Power 30W CO 2 with metal source
Resolution 125, 250, 300, 380, 500, 600, 760, 1000, 1500 Dpi
Speed ​​ 1016 mm / sec
Power supply 100-240 volts AC 12 Ampere MAX
Security Class I Laser Product compliant with EN60825, Compliant with the Machinery Directive CE / 2006/42
Link USB 2.0 Full-speed port, 10 Base-T Ethernet
Usable materials Plastic, wood, leather, paper, cork and much more
Warranty 12 months