Technical assistance service

We provide technical assistance services to guarantee our customers all the necessary support to make the most of the technological products they have purchased.

  • Installation and technical assistance on 3D printers
  • Technical assistance for engraving machines
  • Spare part for VARGA circolar saw
  • U-MARQ pantograph repair

Technical assistance service

By purchasing a product from PCube you can count on a series of professional technical assistance services that will allow you to make the most of the product you have purchased.

PCube's support team has helped thousands of Customers get the results they want quickly. We know our products very well and are able to follow up with Customers thanks to our technical knowledge and years of experience gained in many applications and in many sectors.

Our staff operates mainly from the headquarters in Venice , from where we manage requests for assistance by connecting with the customer remotely or returning the equipment to our laboratory . We provide assistance not only in Italian but also in English and French.

Normally with little information we can diagnose a problem and, when possible, remotely guide you to fix it. If necessary, we have a laboratory equipped with tools and spare parts to be able to carry out repairs quickly.

With PCube's technical assistance service you can rest assured!

The assistance and warranty service methods depend on the product, the particular conditions are normally specified in the commercial conditions written in the quote while the general conditions can be viewed in the terms and conditions published on our website.

All our products are covered by at least a one year warranty , any repairs, under warranty or out of warranty, will be carried out primarily directly by PCube technicians and at the PCube headquarters.


Our basic support service includes, in addition to the warranty, the following benefits:

  • 90 days of support, with a maximum of 3 support requests , on installation and verification of product functionality.
  • possibility to open a support request through the Support Portal , or by sending an email to
  • access to the solutions of the frequently asked questions FAQ to check for yourself if there is a solution for your problem

Each support request should be about a single topic, if you have more than one question you should choose the one that comes first.

In the event that the request for assistance does not fall within the scope of basic assistance and concerns a topic not covered by the warranty or contractual conditions , you can purchase a assistance service for your individual request .

Our goal is to provide quick answers and solutions, we will be able to do so compatibly with the quality of the information you provide us.

Tell us your problem, we'll be by your side to give you a solution!

Please take the time to explain your request in detail and clearly, in this way you will allow us to give you an effective and faster solution.


You also have the option of signing up for a service contract, to have an advanced technical assistance service with even faster response times and the following exclusive benefits:

  • one year of technical assistance , including 3 support requests on the product.
  • possibility to open a support request via the Support Portal , or by sending an email to
  • access to the solutions of the frequently asked questions FAQ to check for yourself if there is a solution for your problem
  • you can call +39 041 8633009 to get help from one of our operators to open a request for assistance
  • you can count on greater speed in our responses , your requests will be priority
  • you will have a 25% discount on the 4th and subsequent cases without having to wait for an estimate and order confirmation
  • you will benefit from special offers on training
  • you can set up automatic renewal to continue and benefit from the advanced technical assistance service.

The service contract lasts for one calendar year and includes many advantages against an annual fee. Requests for assistance may concern technical questions on the product and diagnosis for malfunctions not covered by warranty, both remotely and at the PCube headquarters. Repairs, spare parts, installation, testing, transport costs, training and information that do not concern the product are excluded.

With the Service assistance Agreement, you will benefit from a greater speed of our first response, without having to wait for a quote every time.

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Warranty extension (Optional)

You also have the option to request a extended warranty for the purchased product . This way you can rest assured of any unforeseen events after the normal warranty expires.

Customers are enthusiastic about our technical assistance, this is the result of the survey concerning the cases of the first half of 2020:

PCube Service Quality Survey
PCube Service Quality Survey.

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