Training Course

Level 1: Jewelry Cad Dream Basics

This 12-lesson course will enable you to learn about the power of CAD software Jewelry Cad Dream to create your new jewelry collections with greater speed and efficiency.

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One international teachers will accompany you, with 2 lessons per week, to make you independent in the creation of 3D jewels.

Training Course 3D software Jewelry Cad Dream

Jewelry Cad Dream is the new software to design really parametric jewelry, powerful and easy to use. We supply Jewelry Cad Dream already complete with video courses to learn how to use it independently, but we have organized this training course to learn how to use it progressively with the guidance of an experienced trainer.

12 lessons to get concrete results

This 12-lesson training course is important for acquiring the basics to make the best use of this powerful software thanks to the support of a high profile certified teacher. The course will take place via teleconference via WEB, will last 6 weeks with 2 lessons per week, at the end of the lesson an exercise or "homework" will be given which we will check to verify your level.

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By registering for the training in Jewelry Cad Dream you can also participate in the next course, to review the commands or to redo the lessons that you consider most important.

Start the course in-house with us!

The first 2 lessons you can do in our classroom or follow them on the Web, as you prefer. By participating in the first lessons in the classroom you will have the advantage of having our direct support. We'll let you do some exercises between one lesson and another that you can do with our support. In any case, even via the web there is the possibility of sending the results of the exercises to the teacher and you will be able to send us questions between e-mails between lectures. At the PCube headquarters we have a dedicated training room equipped with a practical LIM board.

Unlike video courses included with the software, with this training course the teacher will explain the commands to you using the software and not via recorded videos. Via headset and microphone, you will have the possibility to ask questions, even via chat, and receive the explanations you need

Stand out from the others

Using next-generation software, with direct and truly parametric modeling, like Jewelry Cad Dream you will be in a distinct advantage over your competitors who still use 3D CAD systems based on surface modeling technology from twenty years ago. With Jewelry Cad Dream you will have everything you need to successfully design the jewels you want and you can modify them whenever you want and at your own pace thanks to the speed, power and practicality of the technology of this new generation 3D CAD software. With this course you will also be able to benefit from the great advances that 3D CAD technology has made in these years.

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€ 900 ( VAT excluded)