Our partner U-MARQ is a UK based manufacturer specializing in the production of small engraving machines.

The U-MARQ engraving machines are particularly suitable for the jewelery sector, for the marking of fashion accessories and industrial objects and for the production of metal or plastic plates.


Engraving machine for jewelry
The GEM-RX5 jewelry engraving machine is the perfect solution to customize rings, medals, bracelets, pens and every small gift.
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Professional engraving machine
Professional engraving machine, ideal for a goldsmith's workshop and for a trophy shop. GEM-CX5 is perfect for all engraving needs.
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Engraving machine
The U-MARQ GEM-FX5 engraving machine is the perfect solution for engrave plaques, badges, electronic boards, identification plates
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Compact engraving CNC machine
GEM-TX5 is an engraving machine perfect for customize products with a name or a picture directly in your shop. Engraving machine for tags, jewels, medals, pet tags.
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