GEM-CX5 professional engraving machine

Professional 4-axis engraving machine designed for the shop and for the professional laboratory.

  • Professional engraving machine
  • Professional engraving machine
  • Professional engraving machine
  • Engraving with rotary axis
  • Incisione di oggetti in vetro: calici, bicchieri e bottiglie
  • Engraving with CNC pantograph
  • Rotary axis and vice to engrave bulky objects
  • Relief engraving of a bear on brass

Versatile professional engraving machine GEM-CX5

The GEM-CX5 machine is easy to install and to use independently, with speed and precision, the incisions of single or multiple objects. Allows you to engrave plates , badge , boards for electronics , identification plates, bracelets, bottles and glasses, trays and much more.

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Perfect engraving

The GEM-CX5 system is supplied with practical self-centering fastening systems and has jaws for fixing to handle single cuts or production cycles on a wide range of objects. The combination of flat and cylindrical engraving in a machine of such compact dimensions makes this equipment unique. The wide range of quick-fit jaws allows you to easily attach rings, bracelets, watches, pendants, trays, pens, watches, gadgets, key rings, lighters, bottles, business card holders, labels, frames, laminated signs, badges, brass plates and other objects.

Rotary axis

The GEM-CX5 Pantograph is a four-axis machine that allows the user absolute control over the cylindrical axis. The cylindrical axis can be used to engrave cups, trophies, bottles or glasses in glass. Engraving on Cilindrica and Coniche surfaces will be very simple thanks to the supplied Universal engraving software. The machine is extremely versatile, allowing the 180 ° rotary axis to move in the most comfortable positions. Thanks to the optional kit for fixing and machining the rings, the GEM-CX5 system is transformed into an engraving center ideal for the goldsmith's laboratory. GEM-CX5 is the ideal engraving machine also for a sports awards shop, for the engraver and for the marking and identification needs of the industry.

Industrial engraving

The U-MARQ GEM-CX5 pantograph can cope with more industrial marking jobs such as labels, nameplates and synoptic panels. The GEM-CX5 machine can handle all jobs with speed and precision. Thanks to the generous engraving area of ​​ 231 x 182 mm and the high engraving speed, up to 133 mm / sec in diamond engraving, the machine allows you to better face any type of work of engraving.

U-MARQ GEM-CX5 is a professional engraving machine, versatile and at a truly unbeatable price!

The GEM-CX5 pantograph is equipped with a latest generation control electronics with fast CPU and support for USB 2.0 ports. The machine uses high efficiency motor drivers that using less current and the drive for the 4th cylindrical axis is designed to work with power and precision. The machine is extremely robust and has high quality pre-loaded linear guides.

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