Pet tag engraving machine

With PCube engraving machines it is easy and convenient to engrave medals, tags, collars and even pet bowls.

Pet tags customization with an engraving
Engraving machine for pet tags

Pet tag engraving

Machines for pet tags engraving

The new model 2S is a very compact dog tag engraving machine for animals. It is only 26 cm wide, which works connected to your Windows PC or, optionally, connected to a tablet. In the latter case the machine becomes even more practical and easy to use and is piloted "wireless" via Bluetooth.

The 2S engraving machine is ideal for personalizing aluminum and steel tags.

In addition to the 2S model, we have a complete line of engraving machines each with different dimensions and performances, able to satisfy any customization need you may want to have. All our machines engrave writings (names, phrases, dates ...) with all types of characters, engrave drawings and are capable of engrave photos on metal with amazing quality and speed.

We can also supply you with medals to engrave , but with our machines you are free to use the tags you want!

Dog and cat tags to engrave
Dog and cat tags to engrave

Our engraving machines are not limited to engraving on flat surfaces, they also engrave curved and irregular surfaces to allow you to customize any type of pet accessory.

Model M300

If you want to do more than just engraving the tag we recommend the engraving machine M300 a > with working area 300x200 mm and the possibility to engrave objects up to 80 mm high.

M300 can engrave by a diamond tool, like the 2S model, but it also works by stock removal thanks to the 20,000 rpm spindle. It can therefore engrave, in addition to metal, also plastic and wood. With the M300 engraving machine you can therefore increase your offer with engraved PVC dog tags or collars.

M300 is a perfect engraving machine for engraving tags, tags and gadgets for your pet shop

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