Our nameplate engraving machines are perfect for the funeral industry.

Engraving of plates for coffins and cemeteries
Plate engraving machine

Funeral plate

Pantografo per funeraria

Our engraving machines allow funeral agencies to make the plate engraved for the coffin that the law prescribes.

GEM-TX5 engraving machine

With the pantograph GEM-TX5 it takes just one minute to engrave the tag, without wasting time and without depending on others . The machine scratches with a diamond and can also be cut due to the rotary spindle. The supplied Windows software is easy to use and once you have set the tags it will be very easy to change the name and dates to be engraved.

With GEM-TX5 you can engrave using all the Windows fonts as well as special fonts, for mono and multi-thread incisones, included with the machine. The machine also includes the function for engraving photos to personalize a plate or a pendant with the photo of the person or with a picture that represents a fond memory of him /her.


The new 2S model is the smallest and most economical machine we have to engrave plates. This machine engraves writings, drawings and even photographs via a diamond point. The 2S model is easy to use, has the software in Italian and, like all our machines, it connects to a Windows PC via a USB port. This machine has a useful engraving area of ​​120x100 mm on which can be engraved plates, rectangular or oval, large up to 180x130 mm. thanks to an ingenious special iano supplied by PCube with the machine.


Less fast than GEM-TX5, the 2S model is still precise, reliable and very easy to use, so much so that most of the machines are shipped to the customer without the need for special training courses.


For institutions that manage cemeteries we have instead the model GEM-FX5 , a machine that allows you to engrave multiple plates to the time by automatically reading the names and dates directly from a text file in CSV format, without the operator having to type them. GEM-FX5 has a generous work area, of 265x205 mm, which makes it versatile and productive for those who have to make many plates.

All of our engraving machines allow you to engrave photos directly on metal - photoengraving - and U-models MARQ can also engrave wood, glass and other materials to create or customize funeral objects.

Do you still have a manual pantograph? Do you have an old engraving machine that's giving you trouble?

This is the right time to buy one of our quality engraving machines and use our after-sales technical support to be able to work with peace of mind!

Targhette per funeraria

Plaques for funerary

We advise you to purchase the plates to be engraved at Impronta Digitale, a company specialized in the production of customized plates and many other items for funeral companies that want to stand out. From digital impression you will find a large quantity of aluminum and brass plates of various sizes with the possibility of customizing them to distinguish yourself from the competition without having to resort to high orders.

Funerary plates
Funerary Plates

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