Funeral nameplates

Our nameplates engraving machines are perfect for the funeral industry.

Nameplates engraving for coffins and cemeteries
Funeral nameplate

Funeral nameplate

Funeral nameplate
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Engraving of funeral nameplates

For years we have been successfully supplying funeral homes and cemeteries with our machines for engraving nameplates to be fixed on the coffin or on the urn. We are replacing many manual pantographs, now anachronistic, with new generation computerized engraving machines, fast and easy to use.

2S engraving machine

The pantograph model 2S is our smallest and cheapest engraving machine, it has a working area with sufficient dimensions to engrave nameplates of any size and shape. The 2S pantograph scribes with a tipped diamond tool and is silent to be used directly in the office. The 2S engraving machine is equipped with an intuitive software in Italian and connects to your Windows PC via a USB cable supplied.

With this pantograph it is possible to engrave nameplates larger than the useful working area and the clamp opening, thanks to the available space and a special plane to fix the plates provided by PCube.


The 2S engraving machine is reliable and very easy to use, so much so that most of the machines purchased are shipped to the customer without the need for special training courses.

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M30 engraving machine

The M30 engraving machine engraves both by tipped diamond tool and by removal thanks to the 12,000 rpm spindle. It takes up little space on your desk and is equipped with a convenient lid to work safely.

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M300 engraving machine

If you have a high number of nameplates we recommend the model M300 , a pantograph that allows you to engrave more plates at a time. M300 has a working area of ​​300x200 mm and is able to engrave, in addition to plates, also objects up to 80 mm high.

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All our engraving machines allow you to engrave photos directly on metal - photoengraving - and we have machines that allow to also engrave wood, glass and other materials to create or customize funeral art objects.

Do you still have a manual pantograph? Do you have an old engraving machine that's giving you problems?

This is the right time to buy one of our quality engraving machines and use our after-sales technical support to be able to work with peace of mind!

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