The identification of the product through an engraved plate, the marking of the logo or serial numbers is an essential application in industrial production.

Marking of components and engraving of identification plates.
Engraving EC plates in aluminum

EC Plates

Engraving and marking machine


Engraving a component with a serial number or creating a plate engraved with the data of a machine or an equipment are the typical applications that we find in the industry: serial numbers, batch traceability, indication of time and /or date, internal coding, etc.

In addition, the Machinery Directive requires that machine data be permanently reported on metal plates to be applied solidly to the goods in question.

Our engraving machines allow you to engrave with speed and high quality on any material. The machines scratch the steel, aluminum and brass thanks to the supplied diamond tool. Thanks to the springing system, these electronic pantographs are able to engrave with continuity and precision even on non-flat surfaces. Almost all our machines are equipped with a high-speed rotary spindle to engrave in depth for removal using special carbide tools.

The GEM-TX5 engraving machine is the entry level of U-MARQ for product identification by engraving. This machine is supplied with the diamond tool but other types of tools can also be used on it to meet the customer's needs.

The GEM-FX5 machine and higher models are able to engrave a list of plates with data imported from a text file. To program a number of plates it is sufficient to have a CSV text file with the list of serial numbers and other variables to be engraved, import the list and launch the engraving and the machine will make the series of engraved plates with no possibility of errors.

The supplied software is simple and has a range of special characters for engraving to speed up the work of the machine. In addition, all our electronic pantographs affect any truetype character installed in the computer. The software also allows you to import graphics to be engraved by any drawing program to accurately reproduce what you need.

In addition to cutting flat, the machines are able to engrave along surfaces perfectly following the shape of the piece to be customized.


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