The identification of the product through an engraved plate, the marking of the logo or serial numbers is an essential application in industrial production.

Marking of components and engraving of identification plates.
Engraving nameplates for industry

Engraving nameplates for industry

Engraving EC plates in aluminum
incisione e taglio laser

Engraving of industrial nameplates

Engraving a component with a serial number or creating a plate with the data of a machine or equipment engraved are the typical applications that we find in the industrial sector: serial numbers, traceability of batches, indication of time and / or date, internal coding, etc.

Furthermore, the EU Machinery Directive requires that the data of the machinery be permanently reported on metal plates to be applied solidly to the machinery or plant.

Our machines for engraving industrial nameplates allow you to engrave the industrial plates quickly and with the highest quality on any material. We have several models of machines that differ in size, engraving technology and productivity.

Diamond engraving

The ngraving is done using a tipped tool, which can be a diamond or metal , which exerts pressure as it moves across the metal, creating a groove on any metal. This technique is used to engrave on steel, aluminum and brass. Thanks to a spring system applied to the spindle where the tool is fixed, this type of electronic pantographs are able to engrave continuously and precisely even on non-flat surfaces.

Rotaty engraving

We have several models of machines equipped with a high-speed rotary spindle to engrave by removal using special hard metal tools.

The most used engraving machines

We have several solutions, from Small 2S to M20 to engrave only by scratching, then move on to the models M30 , M30P and M300 which also have a rotary spindle.

All our machines engrave with any type of character, engrave symbols, drawings, photos, barcodes and qr codes, .. import technical drawings from CAD in DXF format. and import vector graphics in SVG format. The management of the graphics is extraordinary, by importing a bitlap file in black and white, JPG or PNG, the machine engraves it directly, automatically detecting edges and area to be engraved without the need to convert it into vectors.

In addition to flat engraving, all our industrial nameplate engraving machines engrave both flat and inclined planes as well as curved surfaces thanks to the surface detection sensors and the particular floating tool holder head designed to always perform perfect engravings .


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