Jewelry CAD Dream

Jewelry CAD Dream is a 3D CAD software of new generation produced by those who have more than 30 years of experience in jewelry creation. With Jewelry CAD Dream you can easily and easily design your jewels for:

  • Present them to your customers
  • Prototype them with a 3D printer
  • Produce them without waste, only when is necessary.

Discover why Jewelry CAD Dream is the ideal software for your success in jewelry.

  • Jewelry CAD Dream : the best software for jewelry design
  • Jewelry CAD Dream
  • Software for jewelry design
  • Jewelry Cad Dream software per il design dei gioielli
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The best Jewelry CAD software

Jewelry CAD Dream is a CAD software based on the latest generation of super-fast 3D hybrid modeling technology and provides direct modeling tools, a range of CAD tools for jewelry in a truly parametric modeling environment. The result is the most powerful design system the jewelry industry has ever had .

Jewelry CAD Dream is the most advanced jewelry CAD software to create jewelry that you could wish for!

Jewelry CAD Dream has inside the best tools for drawing jewelry to allow you to work at the top and exceed the competition.

CAD software is a mandatory choice

Using CAD software in your jewelry making business is a must. Thanks to digital technologies you can take steps forward and save time by presenting your news faster, reducing costs and pushing yourself to create more complex and higher quality jewels. With the Jewelry CAD Dream software you will have no excuse, the only limit will be your imagination.


Working with the CAD software you will always have the control of the situation thanks to the realistic preview (rendering) of your jewel in order to evaluate it. You can also send your design in 3D printing to be able to touch the prototype, to be able to evaluate it without even having produced it. This is not only a big savings on your costs, but it will guarantee your customer a unique shopping experience thanks to the possibility of "previewing" his jewel thanks to his virtual representations.

JEWELRY CAD DREAM is the best choice

Jewelry CAD Dream is the software to design the best jewelry you can choose as it is based on the most advanced 3D modeling system on the market and this will allow you to work in a simple, modern and efficient way. You will be able to create your jewelry in complete freedom, benefiting from the power and simplicity of Jewelry CAD Dream and you will therefore be more efficient than your competitors with other older software.

CAD software has been used for years also in the jewelery sector to improve the way of designing and producing jewels. The diffusion of CAD software involved first the production companies and then the laboratories, the designers up to the commercial categories, as wholesalers and shopkeepers, who in turn felt the need of digital drawing and rendering technologies to improve the their activities. The downside is that in the jewelry industry there has been a large use of 3D CAD software leaving rather low . The reason why this happened was not just the price, but the fact that many specific plugins were designed to design jewelry based on cheap 3D software and these plugins have attracted many non-CAD users. If it is true that these programs make it possible to arrive at a result, it is equally true that they are often slow and fragile and lead to great waste of time due to the fact that they lack the power and modernity that characterize the 3D software medium and high. Of course, over time, even low-end CAD-based jewelry software has stretched the list of features and libraries to create jewelry, but eventually the designer /designer will always have to come to terms, and therefore suffer, with the shortcomings of CAD engine to which that software for jewelry pugin inevitably leans.

Jewelry Cad Dream is based on the ZW3D CAD engine by ZWsoft, one of the leading CAD developers in the world, with more than 400 developers. ZWsoft exclusively produces CAD technology for the industry and is a supplier of customers such as Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Carrefour and Saint-Gobain. Jewelry Cad Dream contains many features specific to jewelry and these functions are extremely performing as they were created by a team of specialists in the jewelry industry and because they rely on a robust high-end CAD engine that provides the user with performance of the highest level.

With Jewelery CAD Dream, high-end 3D CAD technology is finally available for the jewelery industry!

In PCube we have a long experience in the supply of software and 3D machinery in the jewelry industry and we are excited about Jewelry CAD Dream, the software was missing to make a leap in design and design in the jewelry industry .

The extraordinary functions of the Jewelery CAD Dream software are developed by a team with more than 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry.

Whether you are a jewelry designer or a producer, whether you have a goldsmith's workshop or a shop, that you are creating jewelry for hobbies, dreaming that your passion becomes reality, whatever your goal is CAD Dream Jewelry will help you create what you want to imagine !

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Jewelry CAD Dream is the innovative, powerful and easy to use jewelry designing software!
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