Mini CNC C1

The solution for producing metal stamps

With the C1 pantograph you will have the possibility to independently create all the brass stamps for the hot stamping you need, saving time and money and giving your business a boost.

  • C1 machine for producing timbri in ottone for leather goods
  • C1 Machine to produce hot molds
  • C1 Machine to produce hot molds
  • Production of a brass punch for hot stamping

The C1 engraving machine is the solution to create metal stamps for hot stamping.

With the C1 engraving machine you will be able to carry out all the brass punches you need to customize leather garments and accessories with ease and in perfect autonomy.

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Small size, completely enclosed, easy to use, graphic software, connection to a Windows PC, an unbeatable value for money

Thanks to the double spindle, the machine will automatically perform roughing and finishing in a rapid and optimized way to minimize tool consumption. The tools are easy to replace and the machine will automatically measure the length of the new tool for consistently accurate results.

This machine is perfect not only to create hot molds but also to make punches for cutting leather.

The punch creation software is included and allows you to easily switch between any graphics and punch.

Running costs of the C1 mini CNC machine are very low and therefore allow you to work with great marginality.

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