Mini CNC 4 axis milling machine MDX-50

The solution for making prototypes, molds or small productions.

MDX-50 can create 360 ​​° 3D models, with subtractive technique using the 4th rotary axis (optional), and can also be used to make small precision mechanical productions thanks to the integrated tool changer.

  • Mini CNC MDX-50
  • Mini CNC MDX-50
  • 3D prototypes

Mini CNC 3D milling machine MDX-50

MDX-50 is the perfect solution for making prototypes, molds or small productions.

Thanks to the SRP technology, this mini CNC allows you to obtain 3D models, with perfectly smooth surfaces, working by removal from a block of material. MDX-50 can work many different materials, with great mechanical precision (up to 0.01 mm).

MDX-50 uses a series of technical solutions that allow you to leave the device without the presence of a dedicated operator, once the job is set up correctly:

  • The automatic detection function corrects the length of the tool to always ensure maximum precision
  • The automatic tool change allows the peripheral to work autonomously day and night
  • The optional rotary axis can be used to reproduce even the most complex surfaces:
  • Automatically rotates the material up to 360 °
  • Allows processing on 2 and 4 sides with angles that can be managed during processing (custom) Increases productivity, reducing processing times

Easy and intuitive software

MDX-50 is really simple to use. The integrated control panel, VPanel interface and CAM SRP Player software make it ideal for: designers, planners, students, hobbyists, engineers and other professionals.

The integrated control panel allows you to manage almost all operations directly from the device, without having to use a computer. The VPanel interface allows operators to change the spindle rotation speed and the milling speed, even when the machine is running.

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Mini CNC MDX-50

Workspace 400 x 305 mm.
Z axis travel 135 mm. Distance between tool clamp and table 256 mm
Weight 122 Kg
Footprint 760x900x732 mm
Spindle From 400 to 12,000 revolutions per minute, 400W Brushless
Power 110 - 240 volts
Consumption 95 W
Link Standard USB
Bluetooth NO
Workable materials Modeling resins, aluminum, brass, plexiglass, wood, ..
Detection of surface to be engraved Automatic in Z
Automatic tool change 5 tools + 1 calibration
Warranty 12 months

Mini CNC MDX-50

  • closing cabin according to CE standards
  • power cord
  • USB cable
  • automatic tool changer with tool holder (6x6 mm, 1x4 mm, 1x3 mm),
  • tool Z sensor
  • hex wrench, hex screwdriver and wrench
  • Roland software CD
  • CD SRP Player software
  • user manual


  • 4th rotary axis for machining up to 363 × 305 × 125 mm