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DM4K 3D Printer

DM4K high definition 3D printer
Ultra-high precision professional 4K DLP 3D printer. DM4K is a 3D printer for jewelry, dental, footware and industry for high definition production.
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3D Printer EM

EM 3D Printer with DLP technology
3D EM printer with DLP technology. The EM 3D printer is fast and high definition, perfect for the designer, for the designer and for the school.
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TM200 3D printer

High precision 3D printer for industrial applications
Fast, precise 3D printer with a generous work area. TM200 is a 3D printer that allows you to produce with many types of resin and with low running costs.
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3D Printer for Jewelry
IM2 is a desktop professional high precision jewelry 3D printer, fast, reliable and with low running costs.
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IMD 3D printer

Professional 3D printer for dental
Professional 3D dental printer, easy to use and high resolution for dental.
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