Jewelry CAD Dream V14

Jewelry CAD Dream V14

Jewelry CAD Dream V14, the new version is available!

PCube is proud to announce that version 14 of Jewelry CAD Dream software is available, the world's most advanced 3D CAD software for designing jewelry .

Jewelry CAD Dream V14 is based on a super-fast hybrid modeling technology with direct modeling tools that allows you to design jewelry, even extremely complex ones, with a fluidity that is impossible for those who use software designed on old generation 3D CAD.

Version 14 also has tons of features dedicated to jewelry in a truly parametric environment to give you the most powerful tool in the world to design jewelry, watches and fashion accessories. The CAD engine of version 14 was then enhanced and is now faster and even more robust than the previous version.

Jewelry CAD Dream V14 is a point of arrival for those who already have experience in 3D CAD and is also perfect for those who want to start designing jewelry as, being a new generation CAD, it is easier to use than the software on the market with plug-in for jewelry, on cheap and old generation CAD.

To learn how to use Jewelry CAD Dream V14, many video courses are available in addition to the training course of 12 live lessons via Web organized by PCube .

Training Course: The Basics of Jewelry CAD Dream


Are you ready to learn how to design jewelry with our training course? Are you already drawing in 3D but have you realized that the software you use is not performing? Would you like to try Jewelry CAD Dream?

If you sign up for the training course to design jewelry with Jewelry CAD Dream, you can rent a Jewelry CAD Dream license for the duration of the course and then decide whether to purchase it or not, or simply continue with a long term rental.