BB CURE PLUS - UV polymerizer for 3D printing

BB Cure Plus is the professional UV polymerizer ideal for the post-treatment of objects produced with a 3D printer.

BB CURE PLUS - UV polymerizer for 3D printing

Thanks to an advanced system of crystal LED emitters, BB Cure Plus reduces consumption optimizes the heating process , recovering the thermal energy otherwise dispersed.

The evolution of materials for 3D printing requires increasingly high-performance post-production treatment systems and BB Cure Plus is the professional polymerizer with an unbeatable price-performance ratio for enhancing the objects produced by your 3D printer .

365-405 nm wavelengths, 150W power, touch screen dispay, 200x200xh190 mm internal volume, 364x404xh318 mm footprint.

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€ 1.100

BB Cure Plus UV polymeriser

External dimensions 364x404xh318mm
compartment dimensions 200x200xh190mm td>
Emitters type Hi-power LED 5W
Number of emitters 30 td>
Radiation system Omni-Ray 360 °
Number of irradiation frequencies 2 td> Tr>
Emission wavelength 405nm - 365nm
Total emitter power 150W
Heating system Eco-passive
Management 16bit IDM processor
Interface 2.4 '' TFT touch screen
Environments Dental - Jewelry - Technic
Programs 12 standard - 3 custom set - n memory
Connectivity 2.4Ghz WiFi
Power 100-230V 2-1.2A 50-60Hz
Warranty 12 months