The jewelry 3D printer CARIMA IM2 is professional, fast, versatile and easy to use and allows you to print in 3D with very high precision.

  • 3D Printer for Jewelry
  • 3D Printer for Jewelry
  • 3D Printer for Jewelry
  • 3D Printer for Jewelry
  • 3D Printer for Jewelry
  • Jewelry 3D printed
Funzionamento stampante 3D DLP

Resolution. Speed. Precision. Reliability.

The CARIMA IM2 3D printer makes it possible to produce models designed with any 3D CAD system quickly, accurately and economically. With IM2 it is possible to produce functional models to show customers or create masters to make silicone rubber molds or models to be used in casting to obtain the object directly in metal. This extraordinary 3D printer allows you to create jewelry models to be "transformed" directly into precious metal using the lost wax casting technique.

CARIMA IM2 is available in 3 versions:

  • IM2 (76) with volume 76 x 42 x 130 mm
  • IM2 (96) with volume 96 x 54 x 130 mm
  • IM2 (110) with volume 110 x 61 x 130 mm


The 3D printer IM2 produces the 3D models you designed with incredible details thanks to a DLP® Full HD system, selective light projection, high performance with XY resolution that you can choose at the time of purchase and with thickness of the layer adjustable to each print, according to your needs.


The prototype IM2 builds 3D models with incredible speeds up to 50 mm/h while maintaining an impressive degree of precision. The productivity of IM2, in low running costs and the quality of each production allows you to get high billing working with unparalleled margins from other 3D printers.


Designed with a very high level mechanics and equipped with very low noise engines to minimize the stress on the product, the IM2 3D printer faithfully reproduces even the smallest detail of your project including cavities, walls or elements very thin and complex.


The high quality of the project and the components of the new CARIMA IM2 guarantee reliability and durability over time. The LED light source offers 20,000 of work and when you arrive to run out you can replace it yourself, without the need for any technical intervention! CARIMA IM2 produces objects of the highest quality and allows you to work with very low operating costs!

CARIMA IM2 is equipped with CARIMA Slicer, a 3D drawing management software that allows you to organize production with great ease. With CARIMA Slicer it is easy to import 3D models, place them in the platform and build their supports in an intelligent way using the automatisms of the software and manually inserting and removing supports where it will be convenient. IM2 is equipped with a touch screen that allows you to easily manage it to load the machining, set the machining parameters and start processing. This extraordinary 3D printer has a computer inside it, you can connect it to the corporate network but you do not need it because you can load the processing also via the USB stick, and is therefore perfectly autonomous and you can place where I will consider it appropriate.

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Technical Features
Work Volume X / Y / Z IM2 (96) 96 x 54 x 130 mm / IM2 (110) 110 x 61 x 130 mm
X / Y pixel size 50 μm / 57 μm
Layer in Z 25, 50, 75, 100 μm
Light source 405 nm UV LED
Resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080
Materials Various types of casting resin and for modeling, open to materials from other brands
File Input stl, obj, 3ds, amf
Software Carima Slicer
Network connection Ethernet
Size 40 x 39 x 57 cm
weight 37 kg
Power AC 100 ~ 240V 5A - 40W
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