Red Technology

Our partner Red Technology is a South Korean manufacturer specializing in the production of compact engraving and laser machines.

Red technology machines are perfect for engraving and marking any type of object and are used in many sectors to personalize jewelry, fashion accessories, dog tags, tools, tags.

Mini CNC M30P

Macchina per incidere targhette
Macchina per incidere M30P è una macchina cnc progettata per incidere targhette industriali e targhette per abitazioni in alluminio, ottone e plastica.
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L3 Laser

L3 fiber laser marker for jewelry
Desktop L3 fiber laser marker for marking, engraving and cutting jewelry, industrial components, tags and medals.
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Tablet M-Touch 2

Tablet for engraving machine
M-Touch tablet, based on Microsoft Surface, allows you to use the S series engraving machine in an even simpler way thanks to an intuitive guided menu.
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Mini CNC M70 per Gioielli

M70 macchina mini CNC pantografo per incidere gioielli
Mini CNC M70 è un pantografo per incidere gioielli e per il taglio del metallo da lastra. M70 è un mini cnc che incide anche interno ed esterno anelli.
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Machine 1S

Rings engraving machine
The 1S rings engraving machine is a pantograph for engraving the inside and outside of rings. The 1S engraving machine is perfect for the shop and jewelry workshop.
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5S jewelry engraving machine

5S jewelry engraving machine
The 5S jewelry engraving machine engraves writings, drawings and pictures on pendant and rings. The 5S engraving machine is perfect for a jewelry store.
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2S engraving machine

2S engraving machine for jewelry, tags, nameplates and medals
The 2S engraving machine is perfect for making writing, drawings and photos on pendant, nameplates and tags. 2S engrave on every surface.
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