Tablet M-Touch 2

Tablet for engraving machine
M-Touch tablet, based on Microsoft Surface, allows you to use the S series engraving machine in an even simpler way thanks to an intuitive guided menu.
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DP 50

Professional Swarf Extractor
Swarf Extractor DP 50 was developed for removing chips and small particles during milling, mechanical engraving, grinding and turning operations.
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2001EVO Shear

Professional cutter for engravers
Accucutter 2001EVO Shear is a professional cutter for engravers, the perfect tool for cutting flexible sheets of plastic, traffolyte, aluminum and brass to size.

VARGA VA 10 circular saw

Circular saw for cutting laminates
Varga VA 10 is a professional circular saw for engravers for nameplates production by cutting plastic laminates, plexiglass, aluminum and brass to size.