Nameplates for homes

With our engraving machines it is easy to create labels for intercoms, bell and post box labels, metal and plastic plates for homes and offices.

Create small signs with engraving machines.
Plate engraving machine

Engraving of plates

House nameplates engraving

There are many applications that an engraving machine can satisfy for those who deal with homes, for example:

  • internal bell tag
  • nameplate for intercom
  • nameplate for the letterbox
  • house number plate
  • plate for wall or door entry
  • Engraving of a key ring
  • implant tags
  • signs for apartment buildings and offices


The nameplates can be in metal (steel, brass and aluminum) or in plastic laminate or plexiglass, for the intercoms you can use a plastic material for backlighting while for the signage you can use plastic laminates.

We have different types of machines to best adapt to the specific needs of the customer's business. Each machine allows you to engrave with any type of font and can also engrave graphics, symbols and drawings.

We have a complete range of machines for engraving plates and for making small signs

Nameplates of material to be engraved

In addition to the machines, we also supply plates of material to engrave . In particular:

  • 0.5 mm thick anodized aluminum
  • 0.5 mm thick anodized brass
  • Two-tone plastic laminate (Trafolite) 1.6 mm thick

If you want we can also provide you with the cutting service and get you the tags already with the measures you prefer.


We provide 2 types of cutters to allow you to cut the sheet material to size, to allow you to work flexibly and independently:

  • Shear to cut sheets of aluminum and brass material from 0.5 mm and plastic up to 3 mm.
  • Circular saw to cut plastic, plexiglass, brass and aluminum from sheets up to 4 mm thick.

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