Photo impact engraver MPX-95

METAZA MPX-95 is the photoengraver with a compact size, easy to use, which adds value to your creations by allowing you to personalize your metal products by engraving a photo , a symbol or an inscription.

  • Photo impact engraving of jewels
  • Photo impact engraving of jewels
  • Watch customization with engraving
Optional Gift Kit
Optional clamp Kit

Increase versatility

Engraving machine
It engraves flat and curved

Customize without limits

METAZA MPX-95 impact photo engraver

MPX-95 is a machine designed to engrave photos with stunning quality on any metal surface. This compact size cnc photo engraver is perfect for adding value to your products in metal materials such as: gold, platinum, silver, copper, stainless steel, titanium, brass and more.

MPX-95 allows you to engrave photos of unmatched quality , you will amaze your customers with something they have never seen as no system in the world will ever give a better result. In addition to the quality, MPX-95 is very fast to allow you to get a Top result in a few seconds or a few minutes at the most.

You can personalize your dog tags not only with photos but you can also engrave logos, symbols, designs and writings with any font. With MPX-95 you will be able to satisfy the most demanding customer as you are free to engrave whatever you want without all the limits that normal engraving machines on the market have.

The supplied software is very easy to use and has all the tools you need to engrave photos and any other graphics you may need.

With the optional clamps Kit, the MPX-95 photo engraver turns into a real electronic pantograph for engraving jewelery , pens, mobile phone covers, lighters and much more.

What are the main features of MPX-95?

  • Diamond tool for photoengraving silver, copper, platinum, brass, aluminum and other metals with hardness index up to 200HV (Vickers hardness index).
  • METAZAStudio specific software for photos and engravings included
  • Engrave photos with a quality impossible for other systems
  • Engrave photos with blazing speed
  • Laser pointer to define the point of origin of the job.
  • Removable base to customize larger or irregular objects.
  • Automatic surface detection
  • Function of progressive numbers and variable data to engrave from CSV files.
  • The small size and the safety door make it ideal for use in kiosks for personalization, shops for promotional items, retail outlets and production environments.
  • Easily transportable to create gadgets in real time during shows and events.
  • Quiet
  • Very low consumption, only 21W!


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MPX-95 photo impact engraver

Workspace 80 x 80 mm.
Z axis travel 70 mm.
Weight 12 Kg
Footprint 286x383 × 308 mm
Spindle Normal engraving and impact engraving with a diamond-tipped tool
Power 110 - 240 volts AC 1.9 Amps
Consumption 21 W
Link Standard USB
Acoustic emission 70 dB (A) or less
Usable materials Any metal.
Detection of surface to be engraved Automatic
Engraving area preview Laser
Warranty 12 months