BB Cure Compact polymerizer

BB Cure Compact is the UV polymeriser ideal for those looking for a professional system and compact for post processing of models made with printers 3D resin.

  • BB Cure Compact -  UV polymerizer for 3D printing
  • UV polymerizer for 3D printing
  • UV polymerizer for 3D printing

BB Cure Compact compact UV polymeriser

BB Cure Compact is a compact LED UV polymerizer that allows you to get the most out of the objects you have made your 3D resin printer.

The evolution of 3D printing materials requires more and more performing post-production treatment systems. BB Cure Compact is the professional UV polymerizer with an unbeatable price / performance ratio to enhance the objects produced by your 3D printer.

Thanks to an advanced system of LED emitters, the UV BB Cure Compact polymerizer reduces consumption and optimizes the heating process, recovering the otherwise lost heat energy. The compact dimensions of this device are perfect for use in the jewelery sector, modelism or dental field.

365-405 nm wavelengths, 120W power, touch screen dispay, 145x145x120 mm internal volume , 320x330x246 mm footprint.

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BB Cure Compact UV polymeriser

External dimensions 320x330xh246mm
compartment dimensions 145x145xh120mm
Emitters type Hi-power LED 5W
Number of emitters 24
Radiation system Omni-Ray 360 °
Number of irradiation frequencies 2
Emission wavelength 405nm - 365nm
Total emitter power 120W
Heating system Eco-passive
Management 16bit IDM processor
Interface 2.4 '' TFT touch screen
Connectivity 2.4Ghz WiFi
Power 100-230V 2-1.2A 50-60Hz
Warranty 12 months