Second hand machines are normally used by customers, but they can also be used by PCube machines for exhibitions or demonstrations or new OPENBOX * machines or warehouse inventories.

* OPENBOX = Equipment with full warranty, whose box has been opened to show or test the equipment contained in it.

Below are published the cards with the photo and the description of the machines available, at the price shown on the card will be added VAT and any transport. For each machine we can provide as an option the installation service, training and technical assistance.

If you already have a 3D printer (or a 3D scanner or a CNC mini-machine or an engraving machine) and are interested in selling it, you can contact us to publish it on this page.

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3D Printers

  • Brand: CARIMA
  • CARIMA IM96 3D Printer for Jewelry
  • High-precision 3D printer for jewelery and for applications where it is necessary to create small and extremely accurate 3D models. Complete with Kit for cleaning the pieces and software./div>
  • Technology: DLP FulL HD
  • Volume: 96x54x130 mm.
  • Material: Carima WAX (Can use 3D printer material of any brand)
  • Year 2017
  • Working Hours: 200 (Show Room)
(- 60%) € 18.720
  • Brand: EnvisionTEC
  • Professional 3D printer to create high definition prototypes for industrial applications. Ideal also for orthodontics. Including Stand!
  • Technology: 3SP LASER
  • Volume: 266x178x193 mm.
  • Material: (Optional) ABS 3SP
  • Year 2015
  • Working Hours: 600 (Show Room)
 € 18.000
  • 3D printer OBJET EDEN 260 second hand
  • High precision 3D printer for industrial applications where extremely accurate 3D models need to be realized.
  • Technology : Polijet
  • Volume : 250x250x205 mm.
  • Material : Polymeric resin (Cartridges)
  • Year 2007
  • Working Hours: 3.000
(- 71.5%) € 19.950
  • Brand: 3D SYSTEMS
  • Projet 3510 HD 3D Printer Used
  • 3D printer with multijet technology for applications requiring a high definition of the produced models. Thanks to the removable wax supports, the machine allows you to create 3D models without geometrical limits
  • Technology: Multijet
  • Volume: 298 x 185 x 203mm ..
  • Material: Visijet
  • Year 2017
  • Working Hours: 1803
(-36%) € 13.995
  • Brand : Digital Wax
  • 3D Printer DWS 020X Used
  • 3D printer for the jewelry industry and for applications where high definition is required.
  • Technology : Stereolitography
  • Volum : 130x130x90 mm.
  • Material : Resin for modeling and for casting
  • Year 2017
  • Working Hours:Used only in some exhibitions

We have some customers who are evaluating if and how to sell their 3D printer, so there is the possibility of starting a negotiation to buy some equipment before they are published.

This is a list, not complete, of the machines on which it is possible to start a negotiation in preview:

  • EnvisionTEC AUREUS with about 1000 hours of work
  • Formlab Form 2 of 2017
  • Autodesk EMBER of 2017 

Engraving Machines

(- 20%) € 2.950
  • Brand: Redt
  • Magic 2S engraving machine
  • Machine for engraving jewels, bijouterie, plates, ... The machine is like new, scratches, has a laser pointer for the preview of the encumbrance of the work, engraves written , drawings and even photos. Possibility to connect the machine via bluetooth to a dedicated tablet (Optional).
  • Technology: CNC with Step motors
  • Work area: Vise 120x100 mm
  • Material: engraves on any metal
  • Year 2018
  • Working Hours: Machine as new

Desktop CNC Machine/3D Scanner

  • Brand: ROLAND DG
  • ROland MDX-40 CNC mini-center
  • 4-axis CNC mini-center to create 3D models from a file created with CAD software or generated by the supplied 3D scanner. The 4th rotary axis supplied allows you to create a complete 360 ​​° 3D model. The 3D scanner included in the machine is extremely precise and unique.
  • Technology: CNC with Step motors
  • Work area: 305x305x105 mm
  • Material: plastic cutter, resin, wax.
  • Year 2006
  • Hours of Processing: Machine in good condition
  • Brand: Konica Minolta
  • Konica Minolta Range 7
  • Konica Minolta Range 3D Scanner 7 Laser scanner with dual optics, autofocus and metrological measurement quality. Complete with easel, carrying bag and management software.
  • Technology: Laser and CMOS
  • Scanning volume: 267x344x198 mm
  • Material: scans a wide range of materials
  • Year 2015
  • Working Hours: Demo machine used in the show room and at the fair
  • Brand : ROLAND DG
  • 3D Scanner 3D Roland PIX-30
  • Piezoelectric 3D scanner complete with Dr Picza software for scanning. Output in STL, XYZ, 3DM, IGES, ...
  • Technology : Piezoelectric scanning probe
  • Scanning volume : 304.8 x203.2x60.5 mm
  • Material : Scan any object, even transparent and soft surfaces.
  • Year 2006
  • Working Hours: Machine used in good condition

Complementary Accessories

  • Brand: F.lli Galli
  • G-Therm 35L VF thermostatic oven
  • G-Therm VF 35L Basic + 260 ° thermostatic oven with forced ventilation ideal for research, quality control and production. New in its original packaging never opened. Also ideal for removing 3D System Projet printers.
  • Technology: Forced Ventilation
  • Volume: 356x290x330 mm/div & gt;
  • Material: Multi-material
  • Year 2010
  • Hours of Work: New Product!
  • Brand: EnvisionTEC
  • Tank for ultra 3SP - VAT for envisionTEC ultra 3SP 3D Printer
  • Imaging tank for 3D envisionTEC ULTRA 3SP printer. Capacity 23 Kg of resin approx. Original tank, never used, perfect to equip the 3D ultra 3SP printer with a second material.
  • Technology: -
  • Volume: 23 liters of resin approximately
  • Material: Multi-material
  • Year 2014
  • Volume: 23 liters of resin approximately

We can also trade in, or simply publish on our site, 3D printers, 3D scanners and used engraving machines that are not sold by us. If you are interested in selling your equipment contact us and we will reply with an e-mail, or will contact one of our experts, to propose our commercial conditions and to ask the information we need to offer your used machine.

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