AD ACCESS - Fume extractor

Small professional fume extractor to be connected to a marking or welding laser.

AD ACCESS fume extractor


A compact and competitively priced fume extraction system for laser marking and light engraving applications.

AD ACCESS is an entry level professional suction system perfect to combine with a small marking and cutting fiber laser in order to have safe working conditions for the operator. Also perfect to be connected to a welding laser.

AD ACCESS has an unbeatable price / performance ratio.

The AD ACCESS fume extractor is equipped with a 3-stage filtering system with DeepPleat, HEPA and Chemical Section prefilter and a useful filter condition indicator.

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Fume extractor AD ACCESS

Air flow / pressure 180 m³ / hr / 30 mbar
Prefilter Fiberglass
Prefilter efficiency 95% with 0.9 microns
Combined Filter Hepa and activated carbon
Combined filter efficiency 99.997% with 0.3 microns
Noise less than 61 dBA
Weight 24 Kg
Dimensions 505x335x315 mm
Engine Brushless
Power 230 volts AC 0.9 Amps
Consumption 135 W
Consumables Filters
Warranty 12 months