COVID-19 emergency

COVID-19 emergency

In these days we are living a new and difficult experience that makes us worry about our health, that of our affections and our future. This new challenge, faced with an invisible and dangerous enemy, has forced us to change the way we live.

In PCube we are always determined to consider the satisfaction of our customers as our main goal. For this emergency we did not have to reorganize our activities as we have always been organized to provide technical assistance , training courses and remote demonstrations, both live via the web ( teleconference and teleassistance ) or via online content ( Video , FAQ , Support portal , ...) and we are therefore ready to respond to requests from customers, and potential customers, in compliance with the restrictions adopted by the authorities.

Even if at a very high price you now have "time" , a resource practically unobtainable until recently, and this could be your chance to do some things to improve that you didn't have the time before to do.

If you are an our customers, take advantage of your time to do, for example, a training course via WEB to improve your knowledge and better use the products we have provided you.

If you are interested in our products, ask for a remote demonstration , for example by teleconference, or contact us for a free consultation to find out which is the most suitable product for improve your business within your budget.

In addition to this, we remind you that we have an e-commerce where you can buy with confidence our niche products such as, for example, materials to be engraved, resins for 3D printers, tools and accessories.

Be ready to re start well,

we will make it and we will start again better than before.

You know you will always have support from PCube.