DP 50 - Swarf Extractor

Powerful extraction unit with compact dimensions, to be connected to a small CNC machine.

  • Professional Swarf Extractor
  • Professional Swarf Extractor

DP 50 extraction unit for small CNC machines

The DP 50 swarf extractor was developed for removing chips and small particles during milling, mechanical engraving, grinding and turning operations.

One of the main problems with normal vacuum cleaners is the type of motor used. Most vacuum cleaners have brushed motors that are noisy, overheat and often burn. The blower used in the suction system of shavings and fumes DP 50 is brushless, with Brushless technology, is designed for continuous operation and is at the same time very quiet.

Several of our customers have at first connected the CNC milling machine to noisy cheap vacuum cleaners and then have swiched to a professional vacuum cleaner such as DP 50 when their business has increased.

DP 50 is the silent and tireless aspirator to be placed alongside your engraving machine.

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DP 50 Swarf Extractor

Airflow / pressure 80m³ / hr / 100mbar
Filter capacity 6.4 Liters
Filter efficiency 95% with 0.9 microns
Noise less than 64 dBA
weight 23 Kg
Dimensions 575x320x295mm mm
Motor Brushless
Power 230 volt AC 2.8 Ampere
consumption 400 W
Consumables Filter bag
Warranty 12 months