High speed and high resolution 3d printing

High speed and high resolution 3d printing

High speed 3D printing

The C-CAT (Carima Continuous Additive Technology) technology allows you to 3D print in very high definition and at a speed of over 60 cm / hour.



Normally in 3D printing the speed is inversely proportional to the definition as being the 3D printing technologies based on "layering" if you print with "larger layers" you will print faster but with larger "steps", at the expense of the definition.

But with C-CAT technology this is not the case, quite the opposite. C-CAT allows you to 3D print with a continuous movement of the platform, the layers practically non-existent as the system projects images with selective light at a frequency such as to be more than a simple sequence of images or practically a movie. With the C-CAT technology it is therefore possible to print in very high definition and with great speed as there is no need to raise the platform at each layer to let the material flow back.

C-CAT changes the paradigms of 3D printing

C-CAT is a technology that was presented for the first time in 2015 but then had to be refined and improved to get to the current level where you have unmatched 3D printing quality thanks to practically continuous layers and precise prints with impressive speed.

There are also other high-speed continuous 3D printing systems on the market, but normally these expensive systems use a layer of oxygen to keep the build layer detached from the membrane. The C-CAT technology does not use oxygen and is able to create layers up to 1/100 of the thickness of the membrane, thus giving many possibilities of choice in the management of the production process.

In practice, the very low detachment force of the model from the membrane allows C-CAT to 3D print continuously, producing with great speed and with smooth surfaces.