VA2 bevelling machine

Electric chamfering machine with precision circular saw for finishing the edges of name plates and in general for chamfering material cut from sheet metal.

Chamfering machine for plates

VA2 professional bevelling machine

The VA2 bevelling machine is the ideal tool for chamfering the edges of plastic plates and plates and all non-ferrous metals such as
aluminum, brass etc.

With the diamond disc, the VA2 beveler can also work materials such as fiberglass, bakelite, ..

Equipped with a very resistant circular blade 120 mm in diameter and only 1.7 mm thick, the VA2 beveler has a practical V-guide where to insert the plates to be chamfered with the possibility of adjusting the depth of the bevel up to 4.5 mm depth.

The device always remains perfectly clean as it is equipped with a chip collection system.

VA2 is the best tool to finish your nameplates!

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VA2 professional electric bevelling machine

Engine 350 W
Speed ​​ 15,000 rpm
Disco Diameter 120 mm, thickness 1.7 mm
Spindle Brushless adjustable up to 14,000 rpm
Packaging 30 x 20 x 20 cm, 6Kg
Usable materials Plastic, plexiglass, non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, ..)
Warranty 12 months