3D printing for audio applications

With 3D scanning and CAD systems it is always easier and more advantageous to create 3D models to be produced with the professional 3D printer we will provide you.

3D printing of hearing aids and earphones

3D printing of hearing aids and earphones

The best 3D printers for audio applications.

More and more applications in the audio sector have evolved thanks to 3D printing technology.

In the field of hearing aids our 3D printers are able to simultaneously produce dozens, or even hundreds, of devices customized with the anatomy of the ear of each individual user.

Faster, cheaper and easier production

3D scanning and CAD technology coupled with 3D printing makes it possible to produce hearing aids faster, cheaper and easier than manual manufacturing. The advantages of digital are clear:

  • High precision
  • Regularly repeatable results
  • Reduction of errors
  • Scalable solution
  • Ease of learning and therefore of use
  • Faster speed
  • Flexible and adaptable to new designs and technologies

Thanks to digital you will increase customer satisfaction as manual processes are more prone to errors leading to additional inspections and adjustments after manufacturing. Switching to digital with a PCube 3D printer significantly increases the quality of production and reduces the waste of all post-delivery interventions to which handcrafted products are subject.

A growing application is the creation of headphones tailored for music or for communication.

Stand out by offering custom-made earphones!

Creating custom headphones for those in the music industry and for many other professional applications is certainly an expanding business where thanks to digital technology and the relative lack of competitors you can tangibly expand your business.

custom acoustic protection systems are also increasingly in demand and can be created with a variety of materials and colors to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding market. Hearing protection systems embrace different needs, starting from noise protection systems in sleep, to noise protection systems at work, there are systems for shooting ranges, protection systems for those in the music sector and simply systems to isolate yourself from external noise while traveling or when you need peace of mind.

Custom noise protection systems are an increasingly popular product.

With our professional 3D printers you can counteract the overwhelming power of multinationals and give your customer an immediate solution of unparalleled quality at a fair price that will allow you to work with marginality and grow your business.


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